Sketching representation: who represents us? Who is “us”?

Politics in our lives, or how learning can take place in real time: in this post a story I heard in the news, which makes for a good lesson on politics and citizenship. Today: political representation.

How do politicians represent the People? How far do, or can, political decisions represent the will of the people? And how can politicians know what the “common good” is, or what’s right for the People?


what is representation

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About Simona Petrescu

I was born in Bucharest, Romania and studied English literature and linguistics. I taught English as a Foreign Language for over 18 years and specialised in professional communication and in Cambridge English exams. In 2011 I won the British Council / Macmillan Elton Prize for Innovative Writing with a course material pack of English for Human Resources. I have been living in Germany since 2008, where I am now dedicating most of my time to writing, both Professional English course materials and fiction. My interests lie in the area of language, communication strategies, learning psychology, but also literature, music and travel.
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