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Tragic, comic? Super-hero, good-for-nothing?

In this post a map for orientation in the thick jungle of stories in literature or in culture, generally. What do Othello and Oedipus have in common? Where does Tess of the D’Urbervilles fit in? What’s James Bond’s affiliation here? … Continue reading

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America? What’s that?

America, in the sense of the United States, is standing, I think, at a cultural crossroads. On the one hand, America’s involvement (not to mention interference) in global  issues, such as economy, politics, human rights, education and science, has meant … Continue reading

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Be polite? OK, but how?

In this post I’m taking the topic of pragmatics further, by looking a bit at what politeness means. How can we understand politeness in a systematic way that enables us to explain why someone is polite or not, and in … Continue reading

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Follow this blog on my new independent site In this post a summary of what pragmatics is: a branch of language studies that sees language in action, or in use, as a social tool to generate and decode meaning. … Continue reading

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