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Language power, power language

Today about using language power, or about power language. How language is the war theater for power shows, even though power resides outside language, in the social setting. What do power-holders do to show they have power, and how do … Continue reading

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As I say in the video, today I’ll be using a mind map to talk about the liberal doctrine. Why liberalism? Because I’ve talked about culture and liberalism is the fundamental block of Western culture; other cultures’ hot feelings about … Continue reading

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How can people make errors in argumentation?

I talked in my last post about arguments and their logic. We also took a look at some examples where argumentation can be faulty for various reasons. In this post I’d like to show you some typical reasoning flaws. Being … Continue reading

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What’s critical thinking, and why be critical thinkers?

This week I’m starting a series of talks centred on critical thinking. This first presentation looks at the two key pillars of critical thinking, logic and background knowledge, or knowledge of the world. I will argue that to be a … Continue reading

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