I searched for my late-teenage daughter an online place where young people like her could find out about various domains of learning and expertise, from philosophy to marketing, from psychology to the environment, from economics to biochemistry. Not the kind of in-depth, all-round encyclopedia, but a place where important themes of human thought are outlined, explained, discussed and ultimately put in connection with what is going on in the world right now. I couldn’t find any such place – maybe I didn’t search properly. But before giving it another try, I set up this blog.

What for?, you might ask. First, to help such young people find the domain that might interest them and at the same time to stir their fantasy and stimulate them to keep searching independently. Also, to help them get exposure to the themes that are discussed in quality circles, publications, books or events. In the Middle Ages there was the scolastic training in logic, astronomy, Aristotelian or Platonian thinking; but in our times? Schools is where they learn (in the best of cases) to get to university. The knowledge that I wish to gather here should be to get them social access to the quality people they might want to spend their lives with.

This blog is connected with a Google+ community called The Name of the Rose. It has nothing directly to do with the novel. The community takes over the posts in this blog but also publicises links to articles or videos on various subjects existing on the internet.

If you are interested in contributing to this blog, please contact me by mail.


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